ACT: Better features with better pricing than ever before

Vanderbilt’s ACT access control has always been easy to quote, set-up, and sell – and now it is even more competitively priced than ever. When comparing ACT with other leading providers, you will be surprised to learn that ACT is at least 20% more competitive for access control for two doors or more. At Vanderbilt, we always aim to deliver opportunities that will benefit our customers. By choosing ACT, you’re guaranteed to make greater gains on your profit margins.

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Why this matters?

ACT is Vanderbilt’s flagship access control product. Our top engineers are consistently developing the product to ensure market scalability and future-proof guarantee. Since 2018 a wealth of new features has been added to the product that aligns ACT Enterprise with the latest technologies in the market guaranteeing your customers’ top-quality access control.

Top of the range ACT features & benefits

  • NEW! Bluetooth readers: Vanderbilt release Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) readers in conjunction with ACT Enterprise 2.10 access control software
  • NEW! Biometric readers:  Top range devices that integrate with Vanderbilt’s access control ACT Enterprise software, version 2.10 or later
  • Rules mapping engine: The easiest “Cause and Effect” management system in Access Control
  • PoE Ultra controllers: All power requirements are delivered directly from the controller, which is powered over the ethernet
  • Smartphone app: Gain control of your access control system while you’re on the move
  • SPC integration: Interfaces with Vanderbilt’s multi-time award-winning intrusion detection system
  • OSDP: The most secure reader encryption in the marketplace
  • Wireless solutions: Robust solution for the most challenging environments with world-renowned ASSA Abloy Aperio Range
  • Video integration: Seamless integration with some of the world’s biggest brands like Milestone and Hikvision
  • Easy to install: Simple to fit, IP or Hardwired, PSU, POE++ - the choice is yours. Auto discovering door controllers allow online usage in minutes
  • Save money: All of these top of the range features and you’ll still save money against other brands. By choosing ACT, you’re guaranteed to gain competitive margins. At Vanderbilt, we always create opportunities for our customers to benefit from.

ACT is a competitively priced access control solution that you can’t afford to miss.
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Still not convinced? Here’s what else you need to know

  • The system is extremely price-competitive and easy to quote and sell
    There are no complex quotations with ACT - simply count up the doors, and you’re done. A simplified component list means your specifications will be consistently reliable with less possibility of omissions.
  • The system has a straightforward structure that is quick and easy to install
    There are only three key components required: the reader, the interface (i.e., software and app) and the door controller (PSU & POE options available). ACT gives you the choice of IP at the door, as well as a traditional RS485 installation method. The intuitive software interface is segmented into three user types: installing, managing, and monitoring. 
  • Up-to-date FREE training options available 24/7 for your convenience
    Convenient online training minimizes the time engineers will need to be off the road. Learn all you need to know about ACT online through our Learning Management System (LMS) for FREE.
  • Enhanced performance with future market packages
    You’ll appreciate ACT’s ease and reliability of installation, and the way it helps your profitability. The system is engineered from first principles to speed installation and configuration. With ACT, you’ll see fewer callbacks, more satisfied customers, more completed jobs, and more repeat business.

ACT is a competitively priced access control solution that you can’t afford to miss.
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Don’t take our word for it

“Vanderbilt's ACT is one of the best access control products on the market. I have been using ACT for years. Great product. It just works, and the software is very user-friendly.”
Joe Lawlor, Safewatch Security Systems
“ACT Enterprise is very easy-to-use. In one or more words, I would describe it as excellent. My favorite feature is the rules mapping engine. ACT Enterprise has helped me solve monitoring backup generators on-site for faults using the rules mapping engine to send alarms and trip alarm sounders.”
Christopher O'Reilly, O'Reilly Alarms Ltd