Commenting on the installation choice, Craig James, Owner of CJ Technologies, stated: 

ACT has a proven and well-deserved good reputation as a reliable access control system that is used in the medical and educational environment.”

The Installation Process:

CJ Technologies recommended a dedicated IT network to be installed for the relevant areas. Then, ACT equipment was installed to correspond to what was needed before the aging equipment was decommissioned.

Once this was completed, ACT was brought online. The installation process implemented by CJ Technologies had the advantage of the client not noticing or experiencing access issues when the system was being changed over.

Overall, the new ACT system enabled the client, with help from CJ Technologies, to link other sites together and improve security with the addition of the award-winning ACT Enterprise software.

Key Takeaway:

Apart from the typical day-to-day access control, CJ Technologies added room temperature control and data logging for critical areas. This has not only improved security but the safety of the pharmaceutical storage rooms. This was achieved by CJ Technologies building a small electronic PCB and adding it to the ACT100e. The reports can then be generated by the ACT Enterprise software.

About the Installer:

CJ Technologies was founded by Craig James, who has 20 plus years’ experience in the AV and Security industry. For more information, visit


“I believe my customers over the years have benefitted with the addition of using ACT because of the core fundamentals that the security system is based on. This is a robust and proven backbone. With the added updates and features added over time and evolution of the products. But historical products can always be incorporated into any new installation, which gives added confidence for my clients to invest time and money.”
  • Craig James, Owner, CJ Technologies.