The house had a standalone access control system that had stopped working to their satisfactory standard. As such, the decision was made by the school to upgrade the school’s security to an entirely new system. No specification for the project was provided.

Choosing ACTpro

Wincheer managed the security system upgrade for St. Andrew’s. Wincheer selected Vanderbilt’s ACTpro access control and Bluetooth readers. In the Asian market, pricing always plays an essential factor in deciding what product to choose. And as Vanderbilt’s ACTpro is exceptionally competitively priced, it was the ideal product to meet this project’s requirements.

The primary function of ACTpro at the boarding home is monitoring the safety of their students in accommodation. ACTpro keeps audit trails in the boarding home by monitoring and recording fob activity for time and attendance. ACTpro produces diagnostic reports on door status.

Smartphone App

Campus security can provide pin codes, access fobs, and cards to students. These credentials can be easily enabled or disabled remotely if required. Moreover, ACTpro can be managed on desktops, laptop tablets, and smartphone devices.

The ACTpro smartphone app offers ultimate flexibility for St Andrew’s House. It ensures convenient connectivity to the system day or night. Thanks to the app, the security managers no longer need to visit their premises out of hours, with quick access to the system's pulse from the palm of their hand. They can also enable and disable alarms, lock and unlock doors, authorize users, and check who’s in and out.

Muster Reports

In the event of a fire or other emergency, ACTpro can automatically unlock all doors allowing students to reach safety. The ACTpro muster report gives the security campus a real-time list of all campus accommodation students. When students exit their accommodation and swipe out, the muster report automatically updates. A muster report can also be generated directly from the ACTpro smartphone app.

“I have been working with Vanderbilt for many years. I know the company well and trust their ACTpro access control solution. I always send my project requirements to Vanderbilt first for a consultation. I have a comfortable working relationship with them”, states Mr. Berg Kok of Wincheer.

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