The Brief:

Mentholatum required a new solution for the site and upgrade to their existing system. They were also in the process of upgrading the site’s time and attendance system. In addition, they wanted an access control solution that would use the same badge or fob and could be integrated in the future for system administration.

The Installer Viewpoint:

“We didn’t hesitate to recommend the Vanderbilt ACT365 system. As a Vanderbilt Gold integration Partner, this is our go-to product. Also, OLS is an Access Control partner for ADP so moving forward, this was a “win-win” project for the customer.”
  • Ollie Law, Managing Director at Oliver Law Security Ltd.

Solutions Provided:

  • ACT365 system by Vanderbilt is not only fully cloud-based and offers a flexible solution for installation and management, but it also has a very focused API integration. We’re using this to build the “OLS Connect Platform” to integrate products.
  • Fire alarm mustering, restricted access, site security, and ease-of-use were all with the scope of the project from day one. The ACT365 solution ticked all the boxes for the customer and through an interactive demo, the client could see all the benefits.
  • ACT365 means no servers, no complicated site infrastructure, and comes with a smartphone app and fire alarm muster reporting. OLS took management of the safe mustering one step further by installing dedicated proximity readers at the fire muster points. This accounts for users and gives a list of exemption of persons who had not attended rather than who did.

Installation Details:

  • OLS installed a full upgrade to 17 doors across the site, including dedicated external fire alarm muster points using Vanderbilt’s range of ACT PRO MF1030E Readers.
  • This has enhanced the security of the site and enables Mentholatum to restrict access to designated areas for staff. Together, this enhances health and safety by having real-time fire alarm mustering via the app, and ease of management of the whole system via the intuitive platform.
  • The main challenge was to ensure a single badge was used for all systems, together with providing a configuration that was set up correctly to ease integration in the future. Also, to help the customer with a strategy for safe reporting of staff during evacuations and easily account for all personnel, enhancing site security, and restricting access to the plant.

About the Installer:

Doncaster-based Oliver Law Security (OLS) is a Vanderbilt Gold Integration Partner and operate within global markets. Specializing in access control and helping new and existing customers transition to the cloud and SAAS products. SSAIB approved installed for Access Control & CCTV.

System User Testimonial:

“ I worked with Oliver Law Security Ltd to install a secure access system in our Pharmaceutical plant. From the scoping and costing of the project to the scheduling and implementation, everything went almost exactly to plan. Any deviations were managed successfully between ourselves to deliver what was needed most satisfactorily. Communication overall was excellent, with the response time to all questions and challenges being rapid. The clarity and knowledge in the communication gave me complete confidence in OLS regarding the delivery of the system. During commissioning, the team (Dan Wadsworth, in particular) could not have been more helpful. Some technology challenges were encountered due to one of our specific customer requirements, and OLS was able to provide expert advice. It has genuinely been a pleasure to work with Ollie and his team.”
  • Kenny Cochran, Operations Director, The Mentholatum Company Ltd.

Installer Testimonial:

“We didn’t hesitate to recommend the Vanderbilt ACT365 system. As a Vanderbilt Gold integration Partner, this is our go-to product. OLS works within a range of commercial and industrial sites, from manufacturing and commercial spaces to leisure and tourism environments. OLS has a strong ethos of moving forward with emerging technologies such as the cloud and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). Achieving Gold Integration Partner status with Vanderbilt shows how strongly we believe in working with them. The ACT365 product is not only flexible and customer-friendly, but the in-built API offers a higher degree of scope for us and our business. We are fully committed to working and growing with Vanderbilt, and we look forward to other projects of this nature in the future.”
  • Ollie Law, Managing Director at Oliver Law Security Ltd.