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Next edition will be published on

4th February 2021

Highlights from the previous edition: 

  • VCredential Special Promotion! We are offering 20 FREE credentials with BLUE-A and BLUE-C readers. Valid until 31st December 2020.
  • Product Release: The new SPC FW 3.12 and SPC Connect Pro FW 3.12.
  • Seismic Detectors: GM7xx series demo.
  • ACT-Milestone integration - Official Certificates: Vanderbilt’s ACT now has full VMS integration with the Milestone Integration Platform.
  • Business Model: The concept of recurring monthly revenue (RMR) in the security industry.
  • NGCR Mullion Reader update
  • VCredential & SiPass integrated compatibility
  • ACTpro 4000 two door controller update

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