The stadium is a UEFA-4 grade and is host to many public and private social events, as well as football matches. With more than 1,000 data points installed on the site, security personnel must closely observe match day events, communicate with the stadium maintenance crew, and in the case of emergencies, they must be ready to open and close zones instantly.

Solutions provided:

  1. Debrecen Stadium chose to integrate the LST fire and smoke alarms with Vanderbilt’s SPC intrusion detection system to overlook the site’s security system.
  2. Siwenoid integration management software handles the SPC and fire control panels and arranges data points on maps. In case of an alarm, Siwenoid instantly gets the message from Vanderbilt’s SPC and visualizes the alarm on the main window, as well as on associated maps.
  3. The maintenance and service staff can do their work while the security personnel disarm alarm zones with one mouse click. On big events, the exit routes for emergency response teams through different alarm zones can be managed from one seat. All zones can be seen visually; the staff can observe movements or fire instantly on the site.
  4. Siwena were able to harness the power of SPC embedded protocols to be aware of the status of their system and to remotely control the system; providing the final customer with a complete solution for their needs. SPC continues to enhance these protocols offering companies like Siwena greater control and visibility of the SPC system.


Siwena is a a private held Hungarian corporation from Budapest with more than 10 years of experience in installing and servicing fire alarm, intrusion detection, video systems and much more. Visit: