Bradford County started out using security technology 20 years ago and wanted to update to meet current and future needs.

Solutions Provided

  1. By controlling access to certain areas, the Vanderbilt SMS (Security Management System) helps make sure that all personal information is 100 percent protected always. Privacy of information is critical across the organization, but particularly at the Narcotics Task Force Office where a great deal of information about active investigations is stored.
  2. In addition, the elimination of key holders has dramatically improved overall security. All access requests are documented and monitored and all areas that need to be protected have card readers. Use of the Vanderbilt SMS has resulted in fewer breaches and better asset protection. For example, at the Narcotics Task Force Office, a lot of valuable equipment used in covert operations is stored and now protected. 
  3. The Vanderbilt SMS also makes it easier to add new users, change access rights and amend functions in less time – particularly important because there is a 10 percent user turnover each quarter. This streamlined process has eliminated the time previously spent dealing with lost keys, re-cutting them and changing locks. 


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