Ripon faced several challenges, including outdated and unsupported access software, poorly supported controllers and readers, and an ID card system that was tied to outdated dining software

Solutions Provided

  1. The Vanderbilt Security Management System (SMS) is scalable, so Ripon can easily add readers and monitoring solutions to the system as they grow over time without the costly add-ons.
  2. The Vanderbilt SMS can help school officials streamline access for events. Once an event is scheduled within the SMS system, the doors will automatically unlock for an event, and then relock once the event is over. 
  3. Lockdown capabilities were also critical for the Ripon security team, and the university’s previous system did not deliver this functionality consistently. The Vanderbilt SMS schedule doors based on different events or business rules, but also contains the necessary manual and automatic overrides that are critical to ensuring the safety and security of students. 


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