The company commissioned a new headquarters complex in Portsmouth, England which comprises a 75,000-sq. ft. office building and an adjacent 35,000 sq. ft. building. Given the business-critical nature of the work carried out at Raymarine's headquarters the highest levels of security were required across the new site.

Solutions Provided

  1. The system supplied for Raymarine's new headquarters comprises Granta access control systems on all external doors and key internal doors in both new buildings, allied with a video system that provides comprehensive coverage for the whole site.
  2. Close integration is featured between the access control and video systems. For example, the access control system can be programmed so that when a person approaches a door the reader is activated and the video camera automatically positions itself to record images of the person at the door.
  3. The integration between the systems also proved to be a useful aid in health and safety matters. For example, when the access control system detects that a person has exited through a door leading to the roof, a video camera monitors them until they go back into the building. This helps Raymarine to proactively monitor persons working in potentially hazardous locations.
  4. The Granta access control system features proximity readers used in conjunction with Mifare smart cards. These cards were chosen to provide future proofing, as they have the capability of supporting additional functions, such as operating as payment cards for beverage and snacks purchased from vending machines on the site.


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