The system not only had to cater for external security such as covering approaches to the property and access points, it also had to provide coverage of the interior areas to ensure that there was no misuse of fixtures, fittings and furnishings.

Solutions Provided

  1. External areas are protected by PIR beam detectors linked to the video installation. If a beam is broken, a video camera is automatically diverted to cover the area of the disturbance and, once again, an alarm signal is sent to the control panel.
  2. The video installation makes extensive use of Vanderbilt "speed domes" fully functional domes which are unobtrusive and combine remote pan and tilt facilities with a 26 time zoom to allow close examination of areas of interest.
  3. All images collected by the video system are automatically recorded by the high-capacity Eventys DVRs, allowing them to be easily reviewed if and when required. 
  4. The doors for the flats are provided with keyless access systems operated by smart cards. With this arrangement, it is easy to achieve a high degree of security for the residents. Smart cards that are lost and those belonging to residents who have left the safe house can be instantly deleted from the system. 
  5. Sensors are fitted to the windows of the flats to monitor the extent of opening. If the windows are opened further to a point that would allow an intruder to be admitted, an alarm signal is sent to the main control panel, alerting staff of the need for further investigation. 


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