During their duties, many of the Trust's employees need to be able to gain access to several of these stations, as well as to various secure facilities, such as drug stores, within the stations. 

Solutions Provided

  1. The first phase of the project was formulated around the Entro 5 range of entry control products. At each site, control is provided over the entrance doors, the doors to the drug store, and those to the key safe, with additional doors controlled at some locations.
  2. Vanderbilt proximity readers are used extensively on every site. The proximity readers are operated by Vanderbilt passive encoded key-ring tags that are now carried by all EMAS employees. 
  3. The lightweight compact tags are virtually impossible to copy and, since they don't need to be brought into direct contact with the reader, they are fast and easy to use. Further, since they use passive technology and have no batteries, their life is, for all practical purposes, unlimited. 
  4. Equally important, the instant update facility means that tags that are retained by former employees or that are lost can immediately be removed from the system, ensuring that they can never be used to gain unauthorized access. 
  5. A further benefit of the networked configuration is that the head office installation automatically generates and stores a detailed log of who has opened and closed the controlled doors at each ambulance station, along with the precise times that these actions were carried out. 


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