As a growing organization, the college needed to take steps to update its existing security landscape. The organization also needed a system that had the ability to integrate with the university’s One Card, human resources, and student information systems, with easier management and automation to ease day-to-day workload for security personnel.  

Solutions Provided

  1. The university chose the Vanderbilt Security Management System (SMS) as a solution that could ensure long-term investment protection and serve as a clearinghouse for access control management across the campus.
  2. The Vanderbilt SMS delivers a powerful, single source solution for integrating a facility’s access control technologies, digital video and alarm monitoring systems. The systems are scalable, allowing the college to meet the security requirements of the campus today, and expand to meet any growth needs in the future.  
  3. The system is perfect for large, multi-site or global organizations, and supports an unlimited number of cardholders and readers while providing unparalleled flexibility. 
  4. With SMS, the college has also ensured campus lockdowns are now possible. The ability to perform a real-time lockdown of the campus centrally with the ease of a push-button, as well as recover from that lockdown with the same ease is critical.


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