United Drug management needed the ability to restrict privileges to certain areas at times of the day per the employee’s job profile as well as encourage good work practices.

Solutions Provided

  1. The software management platform is ACTenterprise which is enabling the stringent hierarchical access rights required in this sector.
  2. Installer 911 Security Systems have implemented multi-format proximity readers (ACTpro 1030e and ACTpro 1040e models) which have been both surface and flush-mounted.
  3. The doors are controlled by ACTpro 4000 two-door controllers which can extend to a total of 16 doors via ACTpro door stations. Access control has also been used on cabinets containing material that is sensitive or of high intrinsic value.
  4. Universal anti-passback means that even across areas involving different controllers, it is not possible to use a card for entry if the assigned staff member has not badged out. This is to protect United Drug premises against intruders and external threats rather than an internal measure. 


911 Security Systems are a Dublin-based installer with strength in the pharmaceutical industry working with both manufacturers and distributors. Other sectors in their portfolio include blue chip multi-nationals, marine critical national infrastructure (CNI) and custodial.