Prior to the upgrade, Lord’s was using various access control systems which meant issue of multiple cards and fobs to employees who had to remember which device worked with which door reader. The complexity of this multi-vendor installation made audit trails impossible.

Solutions Provided

  • Lord's Cricket Ground upgraded their access control solution to ACTpro IP door controllers that are used in conjunction with ACTpro MIFARE readers.
  • This upgrade allowed Lord's to consolidate the multiple cards held by employees into one, obtain effective audit trail reports and utilize existing cabling reducing costs and engineering disruption during install.
  • International consultants and installers ICTS UK installed networkable entry controllers from ACT. These units are in place at 24 doors across the site using ACTpro door controllers in conjunction with ACTpro MIFARE 1040 readers.
  • The controllers are linked to the venue’s LAN so as to provide a site-wide solution, while the MAFARE readers have allowed programming of cards for members of the MCC staff on to the system using ACTWin pro software.

Installer: ICTS UK.