The challenge required securing the high volume of traffic from the college’s staff, students, visitors, and conference attendees.

Solutions Provided

  1. The ACTpro 4000 two-door controller can extend to a total of 16 doors via ACTpro door stations. In turn, up to 250 of the controllers can be networked via a PC interface. They are designed for high-traffic volumes.
  2. IC Integrated Security manage the access control system with ACTWin pro 2.8 software which features auto-discovery of ACTpro 4000 door stations and controllers, as well as site maps that allow users to visually monitor access control points and IO modules on a graphical representation of their facility. 
  3. Crucially, the fact that the products are IP-addressable allowed the installer to use existing network cabling infrastructure in this large building where running conduit would have caused significant disruption and often been impossible due to architectural constraints.


Essex-based IC Integrated Security work across all major security disciplines. These include access control, video, fire alarms, public address and voice alarm (PA/VA) and perimeter protection.