Retail theft is a significant cause for concern in Sweden. Kjell & Company wanted an IP and GPRS based system that could be centrally managed from a remote location.

Solutions Provided

  1. SPC Manager is highly flexible, which means that it is equally suited for both small and large outlets, whether on high streets or shopping malls. The software uses an always-on IP communication system to provide continuous monitoring of key status information such as panel set, panel unset or panel partially set.
  2. The SPC System at Kjell & Company controls every entrance and exit, including staff entrances, which are accessed initially via a key and then by requesting an alarm code. Importantly, it logs activities, provides authorised personnel with consolidated reports of intrusion or access attempts and door activities, while allowing codes to be changed and problems pinpointed. 
  3. As more stores are upgraded with the SPC System, the SPC Manager software can be easily adapted, as the software offers the functionality to manage users who need access to multiple locations, and has an import wizard for the rapid assignment of access cards.