The video equipment used would have to be very versatile as it would need to work with existing cameras of various types, and it would also have to be scalable so that its capacity could be expanded easily and cost effectively as the number of users grew.

Solutions Provided

  1. Vectis digital video recorders  and Vectis network video software would provide the solution. While designed with high-definition images up to 1080p in mind, Vectis are equally well suited to working with lower resolution images from older cameras, irrespective of whether these cameras use analogue or IP connectivity.
  2. Vectis also support the ONVIF open networking protocol, which is now used by a wide range of video camera manufacturers. These features mean that systems based on Vectis  are compatible with almost any type of existing camera, and are also fully future proofed to cope with the ultimate replacement of older cameras by modern HD types. 
  3. Vectis software use H.264 video compression technology that makes extremely effective use of available disk storage capacity without compromising image quality, and both provide full support for IP connectivity. This is the key to linking users throughout the Isle of Man, which already has a gigabit fiber backbone, to the central control room and monitoring facilities.


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