Committed to providing the best possible security for their tenants, the landlords specified an integrated security installation that would combine video and access control. The Entro system was chosen not only because of the tight integration it provides with video installations, but also because it offers almost unlimited flexibility to cope with changes in end-user requirements, and because it combines high-end performance and features with very competitive pricing.

Solutions Provided

  • The Entro installation works in conjunction with a video installation, also provided by Quantum (UK) Ltd, which is based on Vanderbilt digital video recorders and unobtrusive speed dome cameras.
  • The close integration between the access control and video systems is used to enhance the overall effectiveness of the security installation by, for example, arranging for the frame rate of video capture to be increased automatically in an area where an unauthorized access attempt it being made.
  • The capability also exists for the video system to automatically direct PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras toward specific areas identified by the access control system as being worthy of closer inspection. 

Installer: Quantum (UK) Ltd.