With more than 5,000 regular users, the challenge was to install a system which could cope easily with the daily volume of traffic through 200 access points. The system would also have to be flexible enough to cope with large numbers of visitors, and sufficiently user-friendly for both the operators and the card holders.

Solutions Provided

  1. 200 Vanderbilt PR100 Readers were installed throughout the site together with several long-range readers at certain sensitive areas.
  2. The PR100 Reader, used in conjunction with Cotag active technology cards, enables access systems to be activated without the user having to remove the card from their handbag or pocket.
  3. The whole system is controlled by Vanderbilt’s Granta software system, which allows for rapid and flexible control for the site's 5,000 plus cardholders.
  4. To ensure optimal use of valuable car parking space, Granta operates a quota system, recognizing when a company has spaces free, and allowing access to users from that company.


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