Fitness World’s buildings are designed to be accessible and safe places for its members to train. Security is a high priority for the company and ensuring that only authorised members and personnel can enter the building is vital. 

Solutions Provided

  1. Vanderbilt SPC intruder alarm system’s built-in flexibility meant that it could be used throughout the entire Fitness World estate. Furthermore, to cater for changes to layouts within the fitness centers, it can also be reconfigured and extended when necessary.
  2. To reduce potentially disruptive and costly false alarms, SPC boasts extensive automatic and manual facilities for event verification. As a further aid to dependable operation, all units in the range have integrated emergency power sources. 
  3. The SPC system is connected via Ethernet to SPC Manager software. SPC Manager supports up to 1,000 SPC panels located anywhere in the world, providing real-time monitoring of installed systems and the ability to modify the user settings of more than one system in a single command. 
  4. SPC can be integrated with a wide range of interface options and Fitness World selected Vanderbilt’s high-end SPCK623.100 LCD Comfort Keypad with graphical display, card reader and audio. 
  5. Most significantly, SPC allows each facility to remain open to members before and after staff start and finish their working days. For example, the alarm can be programmed at 4.30, to disarm automatically and turn on lights, music and TVs. Importantly, between this time and staff starting work, the building is still secured by the security features of SPC.