The decision was taken to upgrade these facilities, and an important part of the project was the refurbishment of the administrative offices that accommodate the workers who co-ordinate, monitor, and control the maintenance operations. As part of the office upgrade project, a new security system was needed to control access through the 25 doors that allow entry to and movement between the areas that make up the office suite.

Solutions Provided

  1. Engineers at Gallant Security Systems selected a Entro segment controller, partnered with a standard PC, as the central element of the system, complemented by 25 door control modules, one for each of the doors covered by the system.
  2. The model of controller selected has a maximum capacity of 32 doors and therefore provides generous capacity for future expansion of the installation. It processes all of the information in the system and stores the complete database of cardholders and their entry privileges. 
  3. The door controllers support two readers and are configured to control both entries and exits to the restricted areas in the aircraft maintenance administrative offices. The controllers have an integrated status display window that simplifies installation and maintenance and they include an anti-tamper switch for added security.