The bank wanted to move towards an Internet protocol (IP) based solution that could centrally monitor, maintain, and control different branch offices around Poland to allow more efficient management. This would mean that any issues could be identified immediately and remedial action taken when necessary.

Solutions Provided 

  1. SiPass integrated is a powerful access control system that provides security without compromising convenience and ease of use. SiPass integrated is a part of Bank Pekao’s system that restricts movement within each branch.
  2. Bank Pekao also required full interoperability between the SPC panels and access control systems for operations such as arm/disarm area, alarms notifications, input/outputs status reading. 
  3. This level of high-end operability means that the entire system is run over a single network that can be centrally managed, allowing it to work smoothly and ensuring maximum security for all bank branches.
  4. It also provides an open interface for any third-party software, offering the possibility to integrate access control with other systems – therefore creating one intelligent building management system that can check the status of doors, prompt the Vectis video recorders to activate, and provide a full audit trail. 


Cel-Tronics is an intruder alarm system integrator based in Siedlce, Poland.