Pinfields had several distinct requirements: to restrict access to the front door while being able to open it remotely from anywhere in the office; to know who had entered or left the building at any point in time; to include a time and attendance system; and to provide surveillance of the building - both internally and externally.

Solutions Provided

  1. An ACTpro 3000 door access controller was selected that allows the staff to gain access to the building via a key fob. This also records the exact time that they enter and leave the building, and by doing so provides the restricted access that was requested and delivers a time and attendance system.
  2. With the use of the ACTentry V-IP system, which combines door entry with audio video over IP, visitors to the Pinfields office simply press the door entry panel, which includes a camera, and from any PC in the business that has the client software installed they can view who is at the door and speak to them over the phone system before allowing them access to the building.


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