With plans underway to expand The Ritz, staff entrances can often be perceived as an easy option for gaining unauthorized entrance to hotels. An access control system was required that would cope with the increased levels of staff and minimize the possibility of crime within the hotel. Different levels of security depending on the area to be secured was also a necessity.

Solutions Provided

  1. To combat this, ACTpro-X 1040 proximity readers were positioned at all staff entrances where employees must present their card in and out of the building.
  2. Once the card has been read, a picture of the cardholder pops up on the screen in the security control room, where a security officer can visually check that the person is the cardholder. 
  3. Should any person attempt to enter the building who has previously been defaulted from the system, it will bar their entry and immediately warn the security team, allowing them to take prompt action.