ICTS installers were asked to secure the hangar, especially regarding the division of land-side and air-side, also ensuring no one enter the hangar while the main doors are open. The main challenge the Diamond Hangar presented was securing the main hangar doors. With doors over 40m wide and 40m tall, cabling to these was not possible. 

Solutions Provided

  1. A solution was devised to use microwave transmitters and receivers to talk to ACTpro 4000’s on each hangar door.
  2. The solution has proved to work in all conditions, with the doors open or closed, and if the receivers are blocked by an aircraft tail, the ACTpro 4000 stores the entire access credentials database, and continues to function normally.
  3. The main entrance to the complex uses a dual height post with 2 ACTentry V-IP panels, and a barrier controlled by an ACTpro 4000. The software is installed on multiple PC’s around the site, and works as a substitute for manned guards in the daytime hours. 


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