Vanderbilt’s intrusion solutions span many sectors with some of the most reliable security products on the market today. We are passionate about creating solutions and systems that will provide you with the correct level of security for your needs. Our intrusion range includes cloud based solutions that no longer limits a product to what a box on the wall can do. This flexibility allows you to remotely access and manage your system wherever and whenever you need to.

Motion, infrared and seismic detectors offer a comprehensive protection solution. Seismic for example, can detect somebody trying to burn through a wall with a thermal lance while at the same time being able to differentiate from the noise of a passing truck on the road. This makes our technology extremely accurate and reliable when activating an alarm – minimizing false activations and expensive callouts. Our solutions are ideal for areas such as domestic security, financial security, commercial security, retail security, cloud enabled technologies, and vault protection.

For superior detection and high false alarm immunity

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