Application to the Aspire Partner Program

Vanderbilt & Comnet are committed to supporting you grow your security business while developing a cutting-edge portfolio of products and systems. Partnership means nurturing your growth potential and rewarding your performance so that the sum of our efforts reaches farther beyond than what we could individually achieve. Therefore, our program entails tailor-made benefits that are meant to nurture your aspirations to get to the top together with us.

The Aspire Partner Program offers three levels of membership: Registered, Silver and Gold either as a Distribution or an Integration Partner. Once your application has been assessed and accepted by Vanderbilt & Comnet, you will receive a welcome pack and the full range of benefits tied to your membership level. Joining the program at a Registered level will already provide you with the little extras that are often the starting point for achieving business growth and performance.

Partner Requirements

Partners are required to meet a sales standard and a Vanderbilt & Comnet training/certification standard. Vanderbilt & Comnet carefully looks at every application and evaluates them through a scorecard system for the Silver and Gold levels. See the minimum requirements per level below. Your partner level advancement and maintenance is subject to the following pre-requisites.

At this point, our program does not cover our North-American business – both portfolio- and customer-wise. It also excludes international key accounts, manufacturers/OEM businesses, and consultants/specifiers.

General requirements

  • The program is open to direct distributors and integrators as well as indirect integrators placing all their orders at one of Vanderbilt or Comnet's certified distributors
  • The partner should serve more than one buying customer

Registered Partner

  • A minimum annual turnover of 20K (Vanderbilt & Comnet products) is required
  • The partner must show good account records at Vanderbilt & Comnet or at a certified distributor
  • The partner needs to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Vanderbilt & Comnet

Silver/Gold Partner

  • There is a minimum annual turnover requirement attached to these levels. Please contact your local Vanderbilt & Comnet Sales office for further details.
  • A minimum number of certified engineers/sales staff is required in relation to the size of your company
  • An annual Sales and Marketing plan shall be submitted
  • The Partner needs to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Vanderbilt
  • A first business evaluation will be conducted by the responsible Vanderbilt account manager to set up the scorecard. Then, an annual business review will be repeated at the end of each calendar year.

Please note that Vanderbilt & Comnet reserves its right to amend the above requirements at any time; these amendments will be communicated to you in writing (either by e-mail or regular post) and be made effective immediately upon notification. You will be responsible for reviewing and becoming familiar with any such amendments. If you do not agree with any upcoming amendment, you are requested to exercise your right to terminate your participation in the Program (see below).

Joining the ASPIRE Partner Program

Joining is as easy as 1,2,3 …… just fill out the application form below, accept our terms and send it off.