14 Dec 2017

A Year in Review: A Look Back at Vanderbilt in 2017

Overall, it's been quite a year for the industry and Vanderbilt. 2017 was successful in numerous facets; we saw a number of advancements in business development and product refinement across the industry, and Vanderbilt rolled out many new large projects and continued technology upgrades performed on the installed base. With the divestiture of Mercury Security Products and the introduction of the ACT365 cloud-based access control and video management solution highlighting the year, Vanderbilt experienced significant growth and productivity in 2017. Let's take a journey through the past 12 months and reflect on our most notable achievements:










We also would like to thank all of our incredible customers who deployed Vanderbilt's access control and security technology solutions this year, such as Thule Air Base, Twin City Hardware, the Lawn Tennis Association and the Odense council.

In addition, Vanderbilt CEO Joe Grillo and President Mitchell Kane were named as 2017 Physical Security Industry Influencers by Security.World. The Security.World community voted for 12 individuals that are making a difference in the industry, and we're proud to have two Vanderbilt representatives on the list!

Peering into 2018, we have plans to educate the marketplace on the technological and economic advances available with the Vanderbilt ACT365 solution. Cloud-based applications and mobile credentials continued to develop and drive discussions and debates this year, and will ultimately gain acceptance as their valuable advantages are recognized. We're looking forward to continuing to deliver innovation, agility, adaptability and dependability across all market segments next year. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!