3 Jun 2019

Word from the front: Praise for Vanderbilt Products

As we steam through the half-way point of 2019, Vanderbilt’s products continue to reap praise from the field. As well as positive customer feedback, ACT Enterprise has recently been nominated in the award industry, with nods in the Benchmark Innovation and GIT Security awards.

Check out some insights from our customer base below:

ACT Enterprise

Vanderbilt's ACT is one of the best access control products on the market. I have been using ACT for years. Great product. It just works, and the software is very user-friendly.
Joe Lawlor, Owner, Safewatch Security Systems.
ACT Enterprise is very easy-to-use. In one or more words, I would describe it as excellent. My favorite feature is the rules mapping engine. ACT Enterprise has helped me solve monitoring backup generators on site for faults using the rules mapping engine to send alarms and trip alarm sounders.
Christopher O'Reilly, O'Reilly Alarms Ltd.


SPC is a very stable alarm system with a long history. The system's best feature is its stability and easy programming combined with today's actual technologies. The main benefits we have found using SPC is that it has a nice market position between middle to big systems. Overall, I would summarize SPC by simply saying that it is easy-to-use.
Ondřej Maňas, Sales , SCANLOCK CZ.
SPC is user-friendly and modern. The SPC Connect app is by far, much better than other manufacturers. The main benefits of SPC are that it is easy-to-use for both the installer and the system user. I would highly recommend SPC.
Jimmy Kristensson, Security Manager, Br. Axelssons EL.


In one or more words, I would describe ACT365 as user-friendly. I like the cloud-based feature best because it is so easy to access. On top of that, Vanderbilt’s technical services are excellent, and questions are answered promptly and with expertise.
Ollie Law, Managing Director, Oliver Law Security Ltd.
We chose ACT365 to specifically meet customer requirements for a true cloud-based Access Control System and App based Fire Mustering reporting. OLS are an approved ACT365 installer, and this is our go-to product for Access Control through the cloud.
Ollie Law, Managing Director, Oliver Law Security Ltd.