19 May 2022

What are the benefits of ComNet’s Wireless Ethernet Media Converters?

Wireless Ethernet media converters are a little different in that we are converting the binary code of Ethernet from an electronic signal to a radio frequency signal and then back again.

The number one reason people use wireless Ethernet versus Fiber Optic and extended distance is because the cabling infrastructure necessary to carry the signal is not required. Trenching for new cabling is very expensive, complicated, and difficult to accomplish in many environments. This represents huge cost savings by using wireless transmission methods.

The second big benefit is the speed of deployment. If you have power on-site, the installation of a wireless Ethernet media converter can be very quick and effective.

There are many different models available, ones that offer high throughput, up to 500 Mbps, but the one that is easy to use, easy to install, and acts as a true wireless media converter is called the NetWave® NWK11/m and NWK1 kits from ComNet.

This application is a simple point-to-point solution. The NetWave® NWK 11/M and NWK1 kits include everything needed to set up a wireless link. The kits are pre-configured in the factory and MAC locked so that installation on the bench or in the field is simple, quick, and reliable. These have allowed installers with no previous experience using radio frequency products to successfully implement a wireless Ethernet media converter solution.

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Iain Deuchars is the General Manager at ComNet International.