1 Jun 2015

What's Next? The Evolution of Security.

A global leader in the design and delivery of innovative security solutions, Vanderbilt Industries has seen a number of major changes this year, including a major acquisition of the Security Products business from Siemens, the establishment of international headquarters in Germany and a future focused on innovation through investment in strategic research and development initiatives.

At the helm of these major changes is CEO/Principal of ACRE LLC and Managing Director of Vanderbilt, Joe Grillo, whose extensive experience as an entrepreneur, investor and industry consultant to a wide variety of organizations enable him to recognize key trends and capitalize on those opportunities to drive growth. ACRE LLC acquired Vanderbilt in September 2012, which encompasses the former access control company Geoffrey Industries, as well as the Schlage SMS access control and video systems division of Ingersoll Rand.

Vanderbilt is a global leader in creating state-of-the-art security systems, innovating access control technology by designing, manufacturing and distributing systems that make environments safe, secure and easy to maintain. Vanderbilt’s products range from single-user systems to highly customized applications that fit the unique requirements of leading multinational corporations.

Today’s Vanderbilt solutions are used in a variety of industries, including banking, telecommunications, finance, manufacturing, health care, education, legal, accounting, government and more. Vanderbilt also is known for the effectiveness and dependability of its components, as well as its customer service for years from the initial installation. These factors, as well as the company’s dedication to exceeding customer expectations, made the company a valuable acquisition target for ACRE.

Siemens Acquisition

Vanderbilt completed its acquisition of the Security Products business from Siemens on June 1, 2015. The purchase was originally announced in October 2014, and expands Vanderbilt’s global business, adding significant technology capabilities and advantages to the existing product portfolio.

The Security Products division brings to Vanderbilt a comprehensive technology suite including access control, intrusion alarm and video surveillance solutions, and well-known brand names, such as Aliro, Alarmcom, Bewator, Cotag, Europlex, SPC and Vectis.

“The acquisition of Security Products from Siemens builds upon Vanderbilt’s solid foundation and strong legacy, which is derived from its nearly three decades of experience in the security industry,” Grillo said. “We’re the only independent business with proven ability to operate at this level in the industry while providing an agile and responsive service and support structure.”

Vanderbilt has committed to reinvest at least 10 percent of the company’s annual revenue into new research and development, introducing new innovations that continue to exceed expectations and drive sustained growth.

Establishing an International Presence

In February 2015, Vanderbilt established a 3,466-square-foot international headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany, less than 15 minutes from Frankfurt Airport. The headquarters office houses executive management, group finance and controlling, human resources and additional staff that support the separate sales offices located in 17 countries throughout Europe.

“Establishing our international headquarters in Germany was a major step toward facilitating stronger relationships with our customers abroad and ensuring the success of our long-term growth strategy of expanding market reach,” Grillo said. “It will also provide the basis for significant incremental growth in new international markets over the next several years.”

Establishing international headquarters signaled Vanderbilt’s intent to become the most agile and customer-focused integrated security systems manufacturer in Europe.

Building a Bright Future

Grillo says the future of Vanderbilt is that of a cutting-edge technology company, focusing the majority of its investment in R&D into software development, applications, and mobile devices. At the same time, it will also continue to advance its network of video integration partners. Going further, Grillo also hopes to grow the business through additional acquisitions to help drive strategic growth and allow for a greater technology offerings for customers.

Most importantly, Vanderbilt will continue to invest in quality personnel, and its service and support structure to ensure long-term client loyalty and success with its technologies.