2 Mar 2020

Webshop Spotlight: SPC Wireless Devices

Vanderbilt’s SPC Wireless portfolio includes Wireless external beacons, Wireless internal beacons, Wireless AC plug style repeaters, and a range of accessories to improve the installation experience.

  • WSIR-EXT – Wireless external sounder/beacon available with a blue, red, or orange beacon.
  • WSIR-INT – Wireless internal sounder/beacon.
  • WRPTR – Wireless AC plug style repeater to provide an alternative communications path.
  • Wireless accessories – a range of accessories to improve the installation experience.

From our Product Management:

Installs for Vanderbilt's SPC Wireless devices were designed to be hassle-free. In contrast, a wired solution can take, at a minimum, a day’s work fitting cable. By reducing time on site, Vanderbilt’s SPC Wireless can enable installers to get more work done elsewhere, essentially meaning more profits from more jobs.
Paul Drillsma, Product Manager.

From our Sales Team:

A vital feature of these releases is that the devices use the industry-leading lithium batteries, resulting in an extended battery life of five years or more. This longevity can free up installers’ time for more urgent tasks, as they won’t have to go to the site as often to keep changing out batteries.
Jose Francisco Cruz, Country Manager - Spain & Portugal.

The WSIR-INT Wireless internal siren

Vanderbilt’s WSIR-INT provides audible and visual indication of an alarm, seamlessly blending style and security, resulting in a class leading product. The WSIR-INT is slim and stylish and can be installed in seconds. The device is easy to mount, easy to pair, and easy to configure, ensuring installation time is minimized. In addition, both devices use enhanced, low current RF technology that provides superior communications and ensures long battery life. 

Key Features:

  • Wall tamper protection
  • EN Grade 2 approved
  • Audible & visual indication
  • Selectable output volume, 4 levels

Browse our Webshop for more information on the in-depth SPC Wireless portfolio.