18 Nov 2021

Best Selling Webshop Products in the Nordics

Check out a selection of some of our most recent best-selling webshop products in the Nordic region.

PDM-I12T PIR AM detector

MAGIC motion detector PDM-I12T is impressive with its modern and elegant design. Its style is suitable for all installation situations. With the enhanced Visatec algorithm, its patented MAGIC mirror provides reliable detection of intruders and the highest false alarm immunity. Flexible installations can be carried out quickly and error-free due to features like Auto Walktest and the new End-of-Line concept (EoL).

SPCK620.100-N Comfort KP, Neutr.

SPC LCD keypad with graphical display/card reader and audio Vanderbilt`s SPCK620/SPCK623 keypad provides a simple, intuitive interface to the SPC system. Optimized for multi-area systems, the keypad offers a detailed overview of system status. The comfort keypad is ideal for operating single and multi-area applications in a user-friendly way. The soft keys and the multi-dimensional navigation key provide an easy-to-use system with minimum operational steps. Customer logo, emergency, or quick set functions can be displayed in an idle state.

BLUE-L Bluetooth Mobile Credential (1pc)

Vanderbilt’s range of Bluetooth Readers is a secure and flexible identification solution bringing the access credential to Android and iOS smartphones. BLUE-L is Vanderbilt’s perpetual license to create and manage mobile credentials in VCredential. The number of mobile credentials per Bluetooth license is one, and the minimum order quantity is set to 10.