6 May 2021

Vanderbilt’s best-selling webshop products

The Vanderbilt webshop was launched in the summer of 2019 and has since gone from strength to strength for the company.

View some of our top selling products in our webshop between February – April.

SPC4320.320-L1 Intrusion CP, G2

The SPC4320.320 control panel combines in an optimal way intrusion and access functionality in one system. It can be expanded according to specific customers and project needs with up to 32 zones (8 on-board), 30 outputs (6 on-board), 4 system keypads, 4 doors, 4 verification zones.

ACTpro-1500 Door Controller

The ACTpro-1500 is a single-door IP Controller with a dual-port Ethernet switch. The ACTpro-1500 controller supports 60,000 users, 2,000 User groups, door station technology (ACTpro-100 and ACTpro-120), and wireless locks and is ideal for a single door or systems that need to grow to thousands of entries.

VR50M-MF NGCR MIFARE EV1 Mullion+keypad

Modern, attractive-looking reader with hardwearing materials which endure the most challenging weather conditions. A multicolor programmable light frame on all readers enhances the look and functionality of the reader. The customer can choose colors for each outcome and the rest state. OSDP or Wiegand connectivity supporting MIFARE card technology, including EV1 and EV2.

PDM-I12 PIR detector

MAGIC motion detector PDM-I12 is impressive with its thin and flat design. Its style is suitable for all installation situations. Together with the enhanced Visatec algorithm, its patented MAGIC mirror provides reliable detection of intruders and the highest false alarm immunity. Flexible installations can be carried out quickly and error-free due to features like Auto Walktest and the new End-of-Line concept (EoL).

WPIR Wireless 12m PIR detector PET

The WPIR wireless detector is a passive infra-red quad element motion detector supported by the SPC system. The device has a 12m detection range and has firmware configurable settings such as Sensitivity, Pulse Count, Supervision Time, LED operation, and Pet Immunity.

SPCE652.100 Expander.8In/2Out,backtamp

The SPCE652.100 expander extends the SPC system via X-BUS with 8 wired zones and 2 fully programmable relay outputs. The zones and outputs on the expander function exactly as the zones and outputs on the SPC panel. Each zone can be configured for different zone monitoring requirements. The outputs are volt-free relays that provide both NO and NC terminals allowing the greatest flexibility.

SPCP333.300 Smart PSU (17AH) w. I/O-Exp

The SPCP333.300 smart power supply expander (PSU) extends the SPC system via X-BUS with a monitored 12 VDC local power source for battery management and connected security devices (e.g., expanders), 8 wired zones, and 2 fully programmable relay outputs. The PSU comes in a tamper-protected hinged metal housing with space for an optional 17 Ah battery and 3 expanders.

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