8 Sep 2020

Webshop Spotlight: PDM-I12T PIR AM detector

“MAGIC motion detector PDM-I12T is impressive with its modern and elegant design. Its style is suitable for all installation situations.”

Detector Summary:

The PDM-I12T PIR motion detectors utilize the patented MAGIC Mirror technology, which sets new standards in detection sensitivity and enables an extremely compact design. The innovative dual mirror design increases the focal length, which gives the detectors more homogeneous detection sensitivity, especially for wider areas. A new white-light filtering system reduces false alarms caused by external light sources such as car headlights or lamps.

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Detector Key Facts:

  • Unmatched detection performance based on patented MAGIC mirror technology.
  • High immunity against false alarms.
  • 12m volumetric optics with undercrawl protection – 20m gapless curtain (option).
  • Unique End-of-line concept eliminates time-consuming resistor wiring.
  • Flexible, fast and error-free installation with sensitivity adjustment and pet immunity (option).
  • Compliance with latest approval standards such as VdS, VSÖ, INCERT, NF, IMQ, SBSC, etc.
  • Modern and elegant design.
  • Low power consumption.

Browse this product in our webshop today.