21 Apr 2020

Webinar: Top FAQs from our Bluetooth Webinars

We recently hosted two 30-minute webinars discussing our Bluetooth Low Energy readers, hosted by Tobias Olofsson, Project Sales Manager – Nordics.

The webinars covered a basic introduction into our Bluetooth readers and their compatibility with our ACTpro access control system. The webinars proved very successful, with a high attendance tuning in for both events, and many follow-up questions afterward. Below are the top three questions we received from our attendees.

What will happen if the phone is uncharged, damaged, or misplaced?

Since our Bluetooth readers are a combination reader that uses both Bluetooth Low Energy and Mifare, it’s always possible to use a Mifare card/tag. This will be very good to have in hand when wanting to use guest-cards or if a phone is not working properly.

Does the reader support sector-reading or encryption?

At the moment, no. This is something that we are working on and will be possible if the market has a need for it.

What iOS and Android versions are compatible?

iOS 7.1 or later is available and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. For Android, 8.0 or later is available.