10 Jun 2020

​Webinar On-Demand: Port Guardian & Implementation in Solutions

This webinar is now available on-demand.

During this webinar, you will get an introduction to ComNet’s Port Guardian, a hard cybersecurity feature, and will highlight the benefits it brings to IP security and surveillance systems. ComNet Contact Closure Server, features, interests, and the use of Port Guardian to enhance network security when implementing the solution will also be discussed.

About the Host:

Iain Deuchars served an engineering apprenticeship with the Ministry of Defense and read for his degree in electronic systems at the Royal Military College of Science. He then worked for several years on satellite communications projects for the UK military. Following this, he moved to the commercial sector and became involved in optical communications, primarily in the security and surveillance markets. Iain has held senior positions in several electronic communication companies and is currently General Manager for ComNet International, where he is involved in both technical and commercial aspects for the Company.

3 Takeaways attendees can expect:

  1. Understanding of Port Guardian and new ComNet products.
  2. How to protect a network from physical attack.
  3. How to send contact closure signals through an IP network.

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