30 Nov 2017

Vanderbilt’s remote monitoring features prove popular at Zurich event

Vanderbilt recently attended the SICHERHEIT show in Zurich, Switzerland.

THE EVENT TOOK place across four days, Tuesday, November 14th to Friday, November 17th and gave us the opportunity to showcase solutions in retail and finance, as well as our strength and depth in remote monitoring capabilities. Our flagship products in these categories are of course SPC Connect, ACT365, ACT, and a prototype of our upcoming SPC Wireless portfolio.

The four-day event was well attended with most visitors being installers. The rest of the audience was split evenly between end users and consultants. SICHERHEIT certainly proved fruitful in its offerings as we gathered a wide variety of leads through security contacts from banks, insurance companies, retailers, universities, small-to-medium enterprises, and state-owned enterprises.

From a Vanderbilt perspective, the show was hugely rewarding as it gave us a stage to showcase a prototype of our upcoming SPC Wireless system with a PIRCam and wireless keypad to a very eager audience. Word-of-mouth feedback across the four days also reinforced our knowledge that our hosted cloud-based solution SPC Connect is a very important tool for both installers and end users who need to manage multiple SPC systems.

SPC CONNECT WAS a winner at the Detektor International Awards 2017 and has proven ideal for a host of applications such as banks, retail, apartment buildings, sports stadia, leisure centers, and government buildings.

SPC Connect is designed to enhance the installer’s ability to configure their SPC systems remotely. With user management enhancements, SPC Connect speeds up the process of adding and configuring users. It means that the system administrator can quickly configure users to have access to their SPC system, while simultaneously saving them time and money.

FOR END USERS, the SPC Connect app allows you to receive real-time security alerts. You will receive a push notification to your smartphone and then, with your IP-cameras connected to SPC, you can check the live video feed on your smartphone to examine an alert further.

Overall, the show provided big opportunities for Vanderbilt’s Intrusion product line, offered direct access to end customers that are using our security systems, and allowed us to promote the newly rebranded PC-based access control system, ACT.

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