15 Mar 2018

Vanderbilt's SPC protects Swiss retail chain

Vanderbilt’s SPC was recently deployed to act as part of a security and communication solution by the retail chain Coop in Switzerland.

Coop has the most extensive retail network in Switzerland with more than 2,200 shops in the Food and Non-Food sector. They enjoy an annual turnover of CHF 19.2 billion and employ 47,000 people in Switzerland.

Vanderbilt’s SPC provides advanced, dedicated intruder detection features and products for retail applications. With the support of cloud services, end-user apps, and a dedicated software suite, this puts SPC at the forefront of modern intrusion detection.

Coop wanted a security system that would protect several of their valuable in-store goods, such as home electronics, cell phones, and tablets, perfumes, and jewelry. They wanted a modular alarm system that could transmit reliably with the most modern means of communication to the standard alarm receiving centers in Switzerland. They also wanted a solution that had proven reliability and fast alarm detection, and that was certified according to SES EN standards. It was essential that this solution would satisfy special customer-specific programming for the various Coop needs. For example, allowing overnight delivery without sacrificing optimal object protection.

SPC is a true hybrid intrusion detection system that meets EN 50131 standards and has unmatched flexibility and scalability. SPC is a modular, flexible alarm system that is adapted to Coop’s respective needs. SPC can be deployed in various shops of different sizes with different security concepts and this greatly simplified the maintenance and training of Coop employees and had a positive effect on costs. SPC also includes self-monitoring capabilities for Coop’s security employees.

For instance, the SPC Connect app allows you to receive real-time security alerts. You can then immediately investigate the issue and act if necessary. When an alarm is triggered, you will receive a push notification to your smartphone, and then, with your IP-cameras connected to SPC, you can check the live video feed on your smartphone to examine the alert further. It saves a lot of time and money, but it also brings comfort and peace of mind to the end user as well. All the user’s interactions through SPC Connect are secured with financial grade SSL security, giving peace of mind alongside powerful control.

Coop also chose a number of other Vanderbilt security solutions to protect their sites. These include PDM infrared detectors with mirror optics, Seismic detectors, glass break detectors, and magnetic contacts. Vanderbilt’s solutions provided easy integration of external systems such as fog systems, integration in building systems or in-house alarm receiving stations via EDP and Flex-C.

Vanderbilt is a solution-oriented company that optimally meets the needs of Coop. Vanderbilt cultivates the customer relationship not only with the specialist company Telsec but also with the end customer, Coop.
Mr. Jörg Piller, Head of Security Service, Coop.