7 Dec 2017

Vanderbilt’s SPC Connect helps monitor buildings for Odense council

The municipal council of Odense, Denmark’s third biggest city, uses Vanderbilt’s SPC Connect to help monitor and maintain public buildings such as schools, libraries, museums, gyms, housing, and government offices.

Due to the number of buildings under their authority, the municipality of Odense needed a security solution that would provide remote and instant access to deal with potential alarms from any location, at any time.

For example, a janitor in charge of maintaining several buildings throughout the municipality, could not be in all places at once should an alarm trigger. Or, if an alarm triggered in the middle of the night, the team leader at a government office might have to leave their bed and drive into the workplace to investigate. SPC Connect is helping to solve this problem.

VANDERBILT'S SPC CURRENTLY protects 36 buildings in the municipality of Odense. Therefore, upgrading to SPC Connect was a natural progression for the municipal council.

SPC Connect is a cloud-based service that can be used by installers or end system users to access their SPC systems securely. The SPC panel and Connect communicate using FlexC. This is a powerful protocol and can be used to support multiple paths such as Ethernet, GRPS, and 3G. This ensures the system is always connected.

With SPC Connect, the municipality of Odense’s end users are benefiting greatly from the SPC Connect app. This can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play. The app provides them with an interface that contributes clearer arming and status information and allows for remotely carrying out tasks such as controlling doors, setting or unsetting an alarm, or isolating a zone. This instant and remote access to any potential alarms helps save a huge amount of time for those involved in maintaining the system.

FOR EXAMPLE, SAY a caretaker oversees maintenance for a dozen or so buildings, and an alarm is triggered in one of the buildings. If he happens to be working on the other side of the town and physically getting to the incident is logistically difficult, all he needs to do is take out his smartphone, access the SPC Connect app, view the event investigate further remotely. Simple as.

The SPC Connect app allows you to receive real-time security alerts. You can then immediately investigate the issue and act if necessary. When an alarm is triggered, you will receive a push notification to your smartphone and then, with your IP-cameras connected to SPC, you can check the live video feed on your smartphone to examine the alert further.

It saves a lot of time and money, but it also brings comfort and peace of mind to the end user as well. All the user’s interactions through SPC Connect are secured with financial grade SSL security, giving peace of mind alongside powerful control.