9 Apr 2017

Vanderbilt’s Cloud-based Products Will Take Center Stage at IFSEC

The Cloud looks set to play a prominent role at this year’s IFSEC International in London and Vanderbilt is looking forward to demonstrating its strength in the innovative technology at Stand E1225.

Their recent acquisition of Irish-based company ACT has delivered the Cloud-based solution ACT365 to its arsenal. In addition to SPC Connect, ACT365 gives extra force to Vanderbilt’s Cloud-based products, a technology that is on the move to dominate the industry as customers become more comfortable with its services.

“IFSEC International 2017 gives Vanderbilt the perfect opportunity to showcase our capacity and knowledge in Cloud-based solutions,” says Joe Grillo, CEO of Vanderbilt. “SPC Connect and ACT365 will be our showpiece products at Stand E1225 at the London-based show. Vanderbilt recognizes the potential of the Cloud to be a more efficient ‘tool for the job’ in the security industry. Both SPC Connect and ACT365 will help demonstrate a smarter use of time for both installers and end users.”

In the security market, time is money. So, the ability to be able to remotely access and instantly manage tasks that would otherwise affect your resources is an obvious trump card in the deck of security solutions. This is where products like SPC Connect and ACT365 pack a power punch in comparison to traditional security tools.

For instance, ACT365 is a Cloud-based access control and video management solution. If there is somebody at your site entrance, you can verify the person and open the door with a click of a button - all from your smartphone. If an incident occurs at a door, as they often do, and the cash office is broken into, ACT365 allows you to simply click on the access control event “Door Forced” to locate and review recorded footage of the incident occurring. Without ACT365, the existing alternatives involve trying to match up times on disparate security systems and sifting through reams of footage to locate the incident.

The pay-as-you-go nature of Cloud solutions also means that you only pay for what you need. Therefore, this reduces the costs associated with purchase and installation of traditional software solutions, as well as the ongoing costs associated with maintenance and upgrades. Joe Grillo further explains: “With a lot of SPC installations, all SPC Connect requires is a browser connected to the internet. When you need to add more users, instead of spending money on software licenses and server capacity, you simply adjust your monthly SPC Connect subscription as required. These are just some of the distinguishing characteristics of both SPC Connect and ACT365.”

To further demonstrate their growing expertise on Cloud-based solutions, Vanderbilt will also deliver a talk at IFSEC, titled Cloud on the Horizon: Are you prepared? The discussion will cover a broad range of subject matter on Cloud technology including its benefits and drawbacks, its relationship with the security industry, and how to utilize it to create value.

“The Cloud is a new breed and is one of the biggest changes to the security industry in decades,” Joe Grillo continues. “At IFSEC, Vanderbilt will highlight its capabilities in this area. The Cloud is massively efficient and provides multiple levels of value in one fell swoop. It goes far beyond the abilities of old formulas. The Cloud is taking security into the modern era, and ACT365 and SPC Connect will play a key role in that process for our customers. Come check us out at Stand E1225; you won’t be disappointed.”