19 May 2015

Vanderbilt’s Certification Program Leads the Industry

Since its inception, Vanderbilt has worked to create the best end-user experience when it comes to surveillance and access control installations. We maintain fruitful, long-term relationships with each of our clients by providing a breadth of technical support, ensuring that a rising tide lifts all boats.

One of the most significant ways through which Vanderbilt shows its commitment to end-user success is through our certification program, a multi-faceted approach to troubleshooting, maintenance, and education on all things Vanderbilt.

Equipping our extended security family with the proper tools is not enough; we also teach them the necessary skills to optimize their product usage and strengthen their access control efforts, which enable the highest level of security and incident response possible. Our onsite training programs for Vanderbilt Security Management Systems (SMS) dealers and end-user administrators are designed to instruct attendees how to install, troubleshoot, and maintain the hardware and software components of our SMS platform. These training programs are made available through certified local distributors and dealers, making it simple for technical teams to quickly attend, learn, and then resume their regular business day with a new competitive edge.

Vanderbilt also offers unparalleled technical support through various channels. Clients can request troubleshooting time blocks ranging from 30-minute to four-hour sessions, depending on the scale of installation or issue. Live chat tech support is also available during business hours, where customers can speak one-on-one to knowledgeable tech operators at their own convenience to solve problems on the spot.

For those clients who desire another level of peace of mind, Vanderbilt offers an extended maintenance contract for products such as bright blue, SMS, and our Video Management Systems. These services enable our team to automatically maintain optimal functionality of your specific installation.

Our goal at Vanderbilt is not only to guarantee product certification to all of our end-users, but to also cultivate a long-lasting relationship that evolves with every new innovation. The result is a higher level of dealer support, better customer service for our end users, and an overall improved level of security.

For more information on our certification program, click here.