7 May 2015

Vanderbilt Sponsors Young Sportsmen in UK Rugby Festival

Last weekend, Vanderbilt sponsored the UK-based Towcestrians U11 rugby teams participating in the Camber Sands Rugby Festival from May 2-3. The Rugby festival is held at Rye Rugby Club & The Institute of Turf, located on the South East Sussex Coast of England, just 20 minutes from Hastings. The rugby pitches at The Institute of Grass (Grasslands) are the ideal pitches to play on as the event takes place on a turf farm, where they grow grass for famous stadiums and golf courses.

Participants included approximately 130 teams competing throughout the weekend, with 11 teams that make up the Under 11 age league. Towcestrians chose 24 young players and formed two teams, the Green Goblins and the Purple Phantoms. The boys played five matches that Saturday and another five on Sunday, rounding out a tightly packed schedule for both teams.

Through stiff competition (and some good old-fashioned English rain), the Purple Phantoms and Green Goblins ‘”gave 110 percent” to the game and finished close to the top, earning several nods for their professionalism and skill from their opponents. Most importantly, however, is that fun was most definitely had by all.

Vanderbilt’s contribution helped fund the jerseys for both teams, pictured here.

“Vanderbilt is proud to have funded such an athletic group of young men, whose sportsmanship, teamwork and love of the game inspire us from all the way across the pond,” said Mitchell Kane, President, Vanderbilt.

Go Green Goblins and Purple Phantoms!