16 Sep 2020

Vanderbilt not affected by Ripple20

Vanderbilt are pleased to announce that the company's product portfolio is unaffected by Ripple20.

Ripple 20 is a set of vulnerabilities discovered this year in a software library that implemented a TCP/IP stack. The security concerns were found by JSOF, which named the collective vulnerabilities for how one company's code became embedded into numerous products.

Following this recent emergence of Ripple20, Vanderbilt conducted an internal investigation with the company's product and technical teams. This investigation confirmed that the below product lines are unaffected by Ripple20.

Note: Vanderbilt products and systems may interact with third-party products that have been affected by Ripple20. In such situations, Vanderbilt recommends that the third-party verify if their products are affected and advise on any potential impacts that Ripple20 may pose.