18 Feb 2019

Vanderbilt Projects: Team Work Makes the Dream Work

As Vanderbilt stands Ready for Any Challenge, with a core focus on providing customers with the ultimate service and reliability, there's often one key component that's part of our efforts: collaboration. The importance of developing valuable relationships and working together in this industry cannot be understated, as multiple minds converging on the same project can lead to profound results.

These projects span far and wide for Vanderbilt, often reaching across the globe, and we think they're worth celebrating.

First and foremost, it's important to highlight the integrations that often set the stage for the implementation of comprehensive and thorough security solutions. Within the last year, we've been fortunate to have partnered with various manufacturers that share our same principles and goals to offer best-in-class solutions for customers.


For example, in our access control portfolio, the integration of ACT Enterprise with Assa Abloy's Aperio wireless locking technology provides customers a faster, more cost-effective installation. The integration of Vanderbilt SPC with COSMO PSIM+ Software offers added efficiency by allowing users to manage and control one or several security systems from a single web platform.And Vanderbilt's strategic relationships with SeeTec, Genetec and Milestone deliver customers a unified platform for their security and video needs.

We're greatly appreciative of these partnerships and the opportunities they create to enable customers to experience the benefits of access control technology in combination with additional advanced solutions. And the importance of integration exists between products within a company as well, such as Vanderbilt's collaboration of ACT Enterprise and SPC, which provides a unified access control and intrusion detection system for customers.

An elevated level of service is also made possible through integrations that truly address the customer’s needs. For example, ACRE’s brands ComNet and Vanderbilt came together to exemplify teamwork and cooperation by delivering a combined security and communication solution between a toll booth and plaza located on the M1 between Dublin and Belfast. The united effort provided simplicity, ease-of-use and reliability to address multiple challenges.


Additionally, a true display of collaboration, retail chain Coop in Switzerland utilizes Vanderbilt SPC for advanced intrusion detection, and also chose a number of other Vanderbilt security solutions to protect their sites, which provide easy integration with external systems. And this Toyota plant in North Wales leverages both proximity readers and a wireless door lock from Vanderbilt for enhanced remote capabilities.

We'd like to send out a sincere thank you to all of our partners and customers for allowing us to complete these integrations and projects that contribute to building safer environments around the world.