24 Jun 2019

Vanderbilt deliver new & improved online shopping experience

Wiesbaden, Germany – June 2019: Vanderbilt, a global leader providing state-of-the-art security systems, announced today the official launch of its new webshop, https://shop.vanderbiltindustries.com/, which has been rolled out to European customers throughout the early stages of the year.

Vanderbilt’s new and improved webshop is supported by Shopware, the software used by world-renowned brands such as Philips, L’Oréal, and Ben Sherman. The webshop represents thousands of products and is a practical solution that seamlessly connects existing customers with the ability to browse and purchase content on a moment’s notice. Mobile responsive and integrating with the company’s main website, www.vanderbiltindustries.com, users can now enjoy all of Vanderbilt’s products, news, and resources in a “one-stop-shop” system.

Commenting on the official launch, Peter Mueller, CIO of Vanderbilt International, stated: “With Shopware, we chose a completely new platform for our B2B business that is a state-of-the-art platform and provides our customers with a new and much more convenient customer experience. In particular, this webshop focuses much more effectively on an easier ordering process with a nicer, natural look and feel.”

The new webshop promises to provide greater flexibility and usability to customers choosing to browse through Vanderbilt’s extensive product portfolio. Designed with every aspect of the customer in mind, the new webshop has faster load times and a new streamlined services section for registered customers.

An Essential Tool

Andreas Schuhmacher, Global Customer Service Leader at Vanderbilt, further explains the key strengths of Vanderbilt’s new online shopping service. “Features like shopping lists help speed up the order process and provide transparency on all placed orders.

“And it’s not just the shopping experience. The new webshop includes additional resources like manuals, software downloads, and technical descriptions. As this launch is only the start of the ongoing development of our webshop, I firmly believe this platform will become the essential tool for our customers in the future,” Schuhmacher concludes.

Ross Wilks is Head of Marketing Communications at the company and states that a critical element of Vanderbilt’s overall vision is supporting customers through every step of their journey, an idea which the webshop will play a significant role in through value-added resources, clear communication, and on-time delivery.

“Based on our core values as a company, we want the Vanderbilt webshop to create a positive brand experience, with a simplified, intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and use, much like a B2C experience you would find on such sites as Amazon or eBay today.

How to Register

“To achieve this, we are pro-actively developing the new platform, listening to customer feedback, and enhancing where possible to ensure that we deliver on our commitment.”

As a result of this new webshop launch, Vanderbilt’s previous online shopping platform, SPIAP, is now an unsupported platform in phase-out mode that will close permanently at the end of July. Therefore, Vanderbilt can no longer guarantee that data hosted on SPIAP is up-to-date and accurate. As such, Vanderbilt customers are encouraged to sign-up to the new webshop immediately.

If you are already a Vanderbilt customer, you can register to begin using the new webshop here: https://vanderbiltindustries.com/web-shop-registration-form. Complete the form and Vanderbilt Customer Services will confirm your account. To become a Vanderbilt customer, please register here, https://vanderbiltindustries.com/new-customer-application, and customer services will help you to get set up.