28 Feb 2018

What’s new: Vanderbilt release new version of ACTEnterprise

ACTEnterprise is well known as a leader in the small-to-medium end access control systems. Its wide success in Ireland and the UK has been based on offering the best possible price for performance access control products. In fact, up to 100 doors the access control software is totally free.

The system is not only widely used in small-to-medium systems but also in large systems supporting thousands of readers and more than 50,000 card holders.

This latest release focuses on language support as the product continues to expand into the worldwide market. The product is now perfect for a single site or pan-European system supporting all the main languages. There are also some important feature additions such as 24-volt support, Windows single sign-on, and system Lockdown.

1. Localized into new languages

ACTEnterprise is now localized in the following languages: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, US English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

A new installation manual, localized into English, German, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish is available as a download from the website, alongside the software download. A user manual will be coming online soon after this release.

2. Windows single sign-on/Windows Authenticated sign-on

Users can now be defined to be associated with a local Windows domain account. When that Windows account user is logged into the local machine, then they can be automatically logged into the client application when they launch it. They can do this without having to enter a username or password.

3. 24-volt support

The ACTpro 1500 panel now supports 24 volts, both from an input point of view and what locks can be fired from the relays.

4. Lockdown

A site can be subject to a Lockdown, whereby a set of doors can be locked with one Lockdown command (available from the Live System page of ACT Manage, or via swiping a card on a specially-designated reader). The Lockdown options can be set from ACT Manage.

5. Wiegand card formats made simpler

This change makes the creation and maintenance of custom Wiegand formats easier than before, but with the same underlying functionality. No changes have been made to the handling of Wiegand formats in the controllers/hardware. 

6. Log event purge scheduling

The ability to schedule daily purges of the log event table has been added. 

7. Vanderbilt branding

The Vanderbilt logo has been added to all clients’ ACTEnterprise software.

8. Simplification of card types (batches and site codes)

Older users of the system will remember batch cards or site coded cards. However, the system has now been simplified for new users. No fresh batch cards or site-code can be added to the system. The relevant menus for adding/editing batch cards will not be displayed in ACT Manage. In ACT Install, there will be no site code entry.

For existing customers, if they are already using batch cards or site-codes, then they will see no difference. The software will continue to display both types of cards as before.

9. Hashed passwords

User passwords will now be stored with very strong, salted hashes in the database. This makes it practically impossible for anyone, including technical support, to decrypt. If a user forgets their password, it can only be reset by an admin user via ACT Manage. (Note: there is no visible difference to the operation of the software at the UI level.)

10. Password policies

Customers can now define a password policy for users. These policies can help strengthen a site’s security by making it harder for users to set easily-guessable passwords.

Once the policy is set, existing users will be asked to change their password if it does not meet the new policy.


Increased functionality included in this new ACTEnterprise release:

  • Muster clear time can consist of anti-passback and area count cleardown.
  • The muster cleardown facility has been extended, whereby all anti-passback and area counts can also be cleared at the same time.
  • Floor groups are not limited to 64 for an entire installation, only 64 per controller.
  • Previously, the maximum number of floor groups that could be created per facility was 64. This has been changed so that each controller now gets up to 64-floor groups.