3 May 2022

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Upgrade your Security System & Take Advantage of the Latest Technology

Keep on top of the latest technology trends by remembering to upgrade your security system with the newest hardware and software. That is the message from ACRE International as they remind people about upgrading their security systems.

It is key to the defense of any security system that the latest alternatives with more advanced features are consistently upgraded and deployed. This ensures that your system will always be protected with the latest technology advancements. Naturally, the longer your security system has been in use and has not been upgraded, the more likely it can be breached.

Some of the main reasons to upgrade your security system include taking advantage of new software features, no integration capabilities, and preventing your older security system from becoming compromised.

If you have an old SiPass® integrated, you should always upgrade and expand to the state-of-the-art technology and integrations.Don’t leave your past investment becomes obsolete, and don’t miss the opportunity to future proof your access control system.

“System upgrades aim to resolve any issues that have become apparent with various products and make use of the latest technology on offer in the market. SiPass integrated is no different. For instance, some of the latest hardware components for the system include new compatible Bluetooth readers, IP door controllers, wireless and offline locks, mobile credentials, biometric readers, and OSDP readers.

SiPass® integrated continuously adds new and exciting features. Moreover, upgrade paths for investment protection make it very easy and cost-effective to upgrade to the latest version of SiPass® integrated.

SiPass® integrated is a powerful and flexible access control system that provides a very high level of security without compromising convenience and ease of use for system users. SiPass® integrated can also integrate access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance into a single interoperable system.

For more information on upgrading your existing SiPass® integrated system, contact your local sales representative at ACRE International today.