16 Mar 2017

The Way Forward Is Simple

Too many cables, time consuming installations, and manuals that no one understands. Technological hassle and overloaded customer services are a curse that is estimated to cost companies SEK 8.6 billion every year. Vanderbilt is now taking big steps to resolve this problem.

New strategy

When we discovered that the most frequently asked questions to customer support are of a very general level, we decided that all product development needed to be imbued with one word: simplicity. It should be simple to install, simple to connect, simple to save recordings and simple to view. The first innovation is Eventys, a Linux-based IP video solution available in two versions, with four or eight channels.

‘Plug and protect’

“With Eventys, we got rid of all cables except one – the network cable. The power supply and camera connection now use PoE (Power over Ethernet) via the IT network. This is what we refer to as ‘Plug and Protect’,” explains Michael Knudsen, support technician responsible for Eventys. “Just plug in the network cable, and it’s ready to install.”

The result is a lower cost for the customer as it shortens installation time and removes the need to spend money on a separate PoE Switch. IP addresses are assigned automatically and functions are included for automatic identification and connection of cameras, which makes the Eventys series even easier to install.

“Another thing we realized when we put on the ‘simplicity goggles’ was that there is no need to have different interfaces on web and video capture devices. A single interface creates familiarity, and customers don’t need to spend time re-learning how it works.”

Simple but far from ordinary

Michael emphasizes that despite its simplicity, Eventys is “extremely powerful”. Among other things, Eventys IP cameras have a resolution between 1.3 and 2 MP and are integrated into an IP66 weather resistant housing. One-touch activation of recording, multiple types of recording, and direct playback of the assigned channels in display mode for several channels provide reliable recording and review.