18 Feb 2021

Dedicated Technology Partner Page Launched by Vanderbilt

Wiesbaden, Germany, February 2021 – Vanderbilt, a global leader providing state-of-the-art security systems, are pleased to announce their new dedicated technology partner page, www.vanderbiltindustries.com/technology-partners.

This dedicated page highlights Vanderbilt’s products, particularly ACTpro and SPC, and their integration with their leading technology partners. As well as highlighting the integrated solutions’ clear benefits, the page also provides direct contact details for general, technical, or quotation enquiries within their partners’ business.

Commenting on the launch is Andrew Fulton, Strategic Business Development Director at Vanderbilt. He states: “Our Technology Partner Portal will be promoted across a full medium of digital marketing channels and allow users to filter according to product categories via an intuitive user interface.”

Not on our Mailing List?

Vanderbilt continuously collaborates in close association with a fast-growing hub of technology partners across the globe. This page's focus is on offering long-term guidance, services, and support that acts as or supplements our in-house technology expertise.

“This dedicated technology partners page is a testament of Vanderbilt’s commitment to being adaptable and agile,” states Michael Byrden, Business Development Manager for Access Control at the company. “System integrators are demanding advanced services and solutions from their providers to deliver value for their customers. While Vanderbilt may the best-in-class in our chosen sectors, choosing to partner with complimentary sector specialists like Video Management Solutions and workforce management makes sense.”

The creation of this page is an acknowledgment from Vanderbilt that the technology landscape changes quickly. Byrden picks up on this point: “We are conscious that our customers don’t always have the time to constantly research technology trends. So in response to this, we have selected technology partners to help customers provide tried and tested innovative solutions. More importantly, and I think that this is key, integrators prefer solutions that have been developed and can be supported by manufacturers that go beyond the “should work” narrative.”

Become a Partner?

Overall, the Vanderbilt platform has been set up to save customers’ time by presenting technology partners as part of a consultative relationship.

Alexander Scheffold, Senior Product Manager at Vanderbilt, weighs in: “At Vanderbilt, it is very important to us that we provide our customers with the very best integrated security solutions that match their needs.”

For more information on Vanderbilt’s new Technology Partner page, visit www.vanderbiltindustries.com/technology-partners